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Hi there, I'm Laura Radniecki.

I am a writer, crafter, photographer, and entrepreneur living in small-town Minnesota with my husband, two kids, and 6 lb toy poodle.

I am a maker at heart - born to create, and have been making crafts and writing stories since early childhood. I use words to explore the complexities of motherhood, and offer encouragement to those who need it most.

My favorite things are Minnesota summers (minus the mosquitos), cake donuts with sprinkles, and escaping Minnesota winters as a snowbird in Florida.

New Book Releases:


The Dear Mama Book:

Who knew motherhood could be so incredible and so exhausting at the same time? 

From the highest of highs to the lowest of lows, Dear Mama - 100 Letters of Encouragement for the Milestones of Motherhood is a collection of letters offering support, celebration, and empowerment to mothers for the big and small moments in motherhood. With letters for happy times like the first positive pregnancy test and holding your baby for the first time, to the heartbreaking moments of infertility and miscarriage, Dear Mama offers mothers the encouragement, comfort, and camaraderie that is so needed in the early years of motherhood. 

Designed to be read again and again, the 100 letters in this book are like a hug from your best friend when you need it most, even if it's 3 am and you're rocking a feverish baby in the dark.


Praise for "Dear Mama"

"Dear Mama is an amazing flashback into the early years of motherhood. I wish I had this book to turn to when I needed a private moment of reassurance to know that what I was experiencing was normal and that I wasn’t alone." - Anna S.

"This uplifting book reminds us to give grace to ourselves and that no challenge or struggle lasts forever; we have such strength to get through it." - Leigha J.

"I wish these words of encouragement and comfort were around 20 years ago when I was a terrified and green-as-grass first-time Mama." - Becky F.

The "Dear Mama" Book Trailer: